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Project Description

Wander Women Trip

For women travellers in search of new experiences, this soul-enriching journey inspires you to discover the beauty of India in the company of other women travellers from around the world. Explore India’s majestic forts, monuments and templates, its bustling bazaars filled with exquisite crafts, the beautiful landscapes and natural reserves, and above all else, the people and culture that make this place so special. On this journey, you’ll appreciate the ancient traditions and modern innovations as we reveal India to you from the perspective of local people, including many inspiring women who are leaders in their communities.
The 12-day ‘Inspirational India’ India journey, departing March 24, 2021, includes jewellery making, ayurvedic spa treatments, yoga with a female guru, henna demonstrations, a Taj Mahal tour and Bollywood dance classes. Insight is also offering the opportunity to visit a café solely run by acid attack survivors that promotes social integration as well as economic empowerment and, on the eve of the Holi festival, guests will have the chance to visit an Indian family to join their Holika Dehan tradition, which includes a home-hosted dinner and a bonfire that’s meant to ward off evil before the colourful festivities begin the following day.
This new India journey, as well as the next to come, will be perfect for those looking to get up close and personal with the destination and experience India as a culturally immersive location. Women will have opportunities to give back and empower women in the local communities while seeing firsthand and experiencing their day-to-day lives. They will also have the opportunity to indulge in wellness experiences and enjoy Deliciously Authentic Dining.
12 days from C$6,235