Greece & Turkey


Greece The birthplace of the Olympics and democracy, Greece is a country with an extraordinarily grand history that’s been kept alive through the preservation of ancient architecture and cultural sites. The capital city of Athens is home to many such marvels, including the Pantheon temple on the Acropolis and the historic Plaka [...]



Germany Germany is known for its beverages, history, and landscape, but as one of Europe’s largest and most diverse nations it has so much more to offer. Its regions vary in size and culture, each offering a different side of the country for its many visitors to experience. Beautiful historic architecture can [...]



Dubai A metropolis of luxury in the Middle East, Dubai represents progress, multiculturalism, and modernity. Close to Europe and other major Middle Eastern countries, Dubai has attracted residents and tourists from nearly every region, resulting in one of the world’s most diverse and vibrant populations that welcomes travellers from every culture. Visitors [...]



Caribbean Holiday Paradise in the bright blue Atlantic, the Caribbean islands are known for their beautiful weather and vibrant culture. It’s a popular destination for tourists year-round thanks to the consistently warm weather, but it’s the lifestyle that’s the most alluring. Caribbean festivals are famous for their extravagance and excitement, and the [...]

Cancun & the Mayan Riviera


Cancun, Mexico A popular spot among tourists nested on the tip of Mexico’s beautiful east coast, Cancun features sunny beaches and luxurious resorts alongside historical Mayan ruins and a myriad of exotic, colourful creatures. Cancun’s tourist resorts are especially renowned for their comfort and customer service. Enjoy the warm weather with a cold drink [...]



BANGKOK As the capital and largest city of Thailand, Bangkok represents both its modernity and the evolution of its rich heritage. With soaring high-rises and a plethora of contemporary shopping centres and entertainment, Bangkok is one of Asia’s most progressive and advanced cities. As it is a very popular tourist destination, the [...]

Destination Weddings


Destination Weddings If it’s a beach wedding you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place.  We know all the popular wedding spots and can guide you to creating the wedding of your dreams.  Sun, sand and surf is a great atmosphere to start your life together.  We can help you plan [...]

Wellness, Spas & Resorts


Spas & Resorts It’s not a vacation without some relaxation. Treat yourself with the ultimate getaway, anywhere in the world. Luxurious spas await on sandy beaches, serene mountainsides, and at international resorts designed to cater to your every need. Talk to us about  spa vacation packages to find the tranquil trip that [...]